Digital Marketing Solutions

Social Media Marketing

Social is where the most engaging people are and with the various platforms suited for marketing a business, you just need to know your buyer persona and target them accordingly. It is also the most cost effective form of branding & getting your products or services out there. We cover advertising, audience analysis & targeting, communications & review management, B2B targeting, brand presence, bloggers & more.

Search Marketing

Search marketing covers all aspects that help you rank higher and be more 'search visible'. Connect with users with the greatest purchase intent, delivering content to them them at a time when they are actively looking for your products or services. We cover Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation, PPC & Performance Based Campaigns along with Google Platforms & Tools. Costs more & converts more

Website Marketing

Websites are focal points between your internal teams & customers. We build websites based on customer flows and the kind of interactions they would like to have with your site. All our content is delivered optimized & ready for action. We build Ecommerce, Brand (B2B or B2C) or custom websites tailored to be a genuine value addition to your business. For a startup, a website should be the first & the right foot forward.

Content Marketing

The world now revolves around the consumption of content, it is the new lifeline of sorts. It is almost guarantee that if you create good content & your content will be well received by your audience, your conversion rates will increase (If your content & offering are aligned) We help you create Digital Video Content, Photoshoot's, Knowledge Articles & Blog Posts & anything you might need to wow your audiences. Choose from hundreds of content categories made available to you.

Email & SMS Marketing

Newsletters are still the most cost effective way to get your customers and prospects to know more about your brand & offering. Actively collect user data in all stages of the sale process to target users with products that they will be most likely to buy. With access to millions of databases, we can virtually target a highly specific audience with a sale proposition (Using the conversion funnel) via email which delivers more content & also via the short message delivery system.

Affiliate Marketing

There are numerous platforms that will help you sell your products on a "Pay Per performance" or an Affiliate Commission Basis. You can leverage these platforms to get your products in front of more users and you pay only when an action such as a click, a lead generated or a product sold through the affiliate network. Such platforms operate on a fixed or variable payout based agreement and can help you target niche audiences. Join an affiliate program now

Startup Pricing & Plans

Get Started
Building Your Foundation
Gets you going without any hassles of starting new
Marketing Analysis
Social Media Pages
Social Posts
Flyer Creative
Google Search Setup
Silver Plan
Mid Range Marketing Pack
If you need more than just an introduction to the market. Take off with this plan
Marketing Assessment
Audience Analysis
Social Media Pages
Social Media Posts
Social Media Creatives
Social Ads
Google Optimisation (GMB)
Email Database
Social Store Management (upto 25 Sku's)

Industry Solutions


Ecommerce Marketing involves the presentation of your products to the right customers at the right time in the right manner. It is the key in ensuring that your products sell as fast as you would want them to. In this excessively competitive environment, marketing efforts are the only differentiating factor compared to your competitors. We design conversion funnels and reduce purchase friction to get you quicker sales. Optimising conversions to ensure that you get the lowest CPA or CPS. We also dive into your customers mindset to understand their needs better in order to position the content to appeal to them. We work not only with new customers but also help nurture existing customers and those that have not yet made the purchase decision but have visited your site. For ecommerce marketing, we provide end to end marketing management solutions.


SEM | SMM | SEO | Display Advertising | Affiliate Marketing | Email Marketing | Influencer Marketing

Restaurant Marketing is fun and it involves a number of creatives and special promotional campaigns to make customers aware of your food & services. With the various food delivery and restaurant listing portals, brands can leverage this gathering of potential customers on 3rd party platforms to promote your own restaurant. Our campaigns are designed keeping your brands core mission and we create content accordingly. From small restaurants to Pan-India restaurant chains, we can customize content to appeal to each region specifically keeping the local mindset as the focal point for all campaigns and promotions. We have specialist photographers and content writers that will make your food look awesome and make the reader hungry for your products.

Website | Directory Listing | Delivery Listings | Influencer Marketing | Social Marketing | Campaign Management

B2B Marketing often requires a seller to interact with various decision makers in the buyers company before the final approval on sale. We work with influencing various bands in the buying chain in order to complete the sale process faster. We use a multi channel approach to identify the locations of your potential customers and and the right manner to approach them. We can help you schedule meetings as well as have an expert attend them for you. We provide databases, calling & mailing teams, content & creatives and integration with all the tools that would be required to efficiently run the campaign. From product & service demo's to generating a support structure to maintain customer satisfaction.

Groups | PPC & Display | Database | Newsletters | Retargeting | Field Execs | Campaign Managers

Marketing Tips for Success


Audience Analysis

Get to know your customers well !!. You will find a large amount of information that can be used to understand & target users better. Check your campaigns for what constitutes potential sales for you. An in-depth knowledge of your customer helps you navigate from awareness to purchase more effectively


Audience Presence

Once you know who your audiences, you would know where to find them and at what times. You can find them on social or professional sites. Reach people who are searching for your niche on various 3rd party platforms. Find out where your target is and deliver the most relevant content to them


Audience Preferences

Specific Audiences have generic interests and as they say, ‘birds of a feather flock together’ once you understand the pain points or the interest topics of each target group, you can tailor your message to reflect their interests and requirements. Give them what they want the way they want it


Active Content Promotion

Once you have the message ready and know where to find your audiences, you will need to allot proportionate resources to each channel based on analytics and forecasts. Once preliminary data has been acquired you can re-allocate resources accordingly. Generate Unique Content Often

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