Operations Management – With extensive expertise in business operations particularly in the service industry, we help brand and startups setup their operations units cost effectively building and managing the entire operations on a turnkey basis. Through effective operations management, we aim to create the highest level of efficiency through testing and development within an organization. Our objective is to balance costs with revenue to achieve the highest net operating profit possible. This could encompass supply chain of goods & services or logistics and customer interactions. We focus on the increasingly important roles of design, user experience, and innovation in order to provide each potential & existing customer with a great online & offline experience. Operations Management also involves the effective interactions between teams & verticals bridging the gap between two completely separate verticals and having them work harmoniously

Marketing Management – Strategies developed for marketing evolve at break neck speeds. These are influenced by various external factors such as audience trends & preferences. There are millions of ways to connect with your audiences using marketing strategies but by knowing which is the best one based on the availability of resources and objectives of the business, you can get the maximum ROI on your investments, majorly eliminating the trial & testing phases. It is this psychology of marketing that one must become an expert in in order to deliver great campaigns & strategies. We help you to have a thorough understanding of buyer behavior to create value and understand major elements of the marketing mix - product policy, channels of distribution, communication, and pricing - and see how they fit within different analytical frameworks that are useful to your business.

Strategic Business Management – We provide this service specifically to startups and businesses that might be missing out on the global growth trajectory. Having foresight and a vision for a business helps us to get into your shoes and build strategies and alliances in order to help you accelerate and achieve your business goals. Strategic Management leads to better connections in your industry along with a systematic evaluation of all functions, tasks & processes. Negative business impacts are also better managed in a more organised and premeditated sequence of tasks. Strategic management also helps internal teams function better as there is overall improvement, first from within and then from the outside. A good strategy forms a pattern in a chain of decisions and manages the effective deployment of resources. Its like saying “You don’t need to build a ship when a boat will suffice”

Process Management

Our process management methodology stems from an enhanced, efficient and effective operational environment. We focus on tools and the training to enable resources to deliver on set goals and standards. We also use this methodology to realign resources or upskill to have better cross vertical functionality. We can effectively reduce costs, increase efficiency and provide a greater level of customer satisfaction with the objective of greater customer lifecycle value. Connect with us to find opportunities for your business.

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Operations Audit

We look for opportunities and gaps in the current structure. With multiple industry standard methodologies, we refine and define operations processes. We influence positive change, establishment & review of internal controls, Identifying of risks & improvement opportunities. We prepare transparent & fair due diligence reports & suggest upgrades.

Operations Training

We monitor each operational activity closely to find ways to execute the task more efficiently. This assessment is imparted to the operations team in a class room &/or in real time environments. We monitor the changes or progress and realign our training for constant optimisation. Targeted Training is the key to better performance & more productivity .

Personnel Development

Technology is inescapable and as much as a business owner delays integrating tools & technology, they will have to someday. In order to effectively use this technology, personnel have to be trained in understanding the tools and how best to use them. You can further identify which resource is best suited for which tech integrated activity.

Ops Tech Management

Lean business models require the periodic upgradation of software to enhance the team’s performance, reduce time to delivery, reduce the number of errors committed as well as bringing down operating costs. We help with the integration & training on various software & cloud based applications which are designed to fulfill operational functions. All tools have great analytics features which contribute towards better decision making processes.

ERP - Generally the backend of a business. It involves the movement of information between operational teams and back office processes. ERP could be for Finance, HR, Inventory Management or Supply Chain Management

CMS - Enterprise Content management or Website Content management, these systems are great for handling digital assets, customer role based access to digital assets, records retention and document management. It also displays highly targeted information based on user preference.

CRM - A front facing customer interactive software platform which helps you manage sales, customer service, manage team productivity, recruiting, marketing, storing and managing customer information and subscriptions and business relationships.

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