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“If you think hiring a professional is expensive, try hiring an amateur!!”

Talent Management

Contract Staffing

Concerned about hiring full time, we have the right skills available for hiring on a contract or option to hire basis. Work on a project to project basis for a leaner operations


Outsource your recruitment process for lowering the burden on your infrastructure & resources. Manage lower overheads with reverse scalability when you need it


Monthly payroll processing by certified accountant to ensure ease of payments and complete oversight. Ensure your employees get paid on time everytime


Why Choose Us



All our candidates are interviewed using the best industry standards. We do not fill positions for the sake of it. We look to add value to your organisation with teams that perform & stick around


Bulk Hirings

Our team has the capacity to interview & deliver large batches of people for your organisation. Our lead time is between 1 week to 1 month depending on the size of the requirement & the positions


Temp Staffing

When you need resources on a short term project basis. We get you the right skill sets at the best price for your short term assignments. Get freshers or Subject Matter Experts from India & overseas 

Build Teams, Not Crowds

We ensure that candidates that are presented to you have undergone industry relevant tests & job related skills assessments. Our HR team can identify the right candidate for your company. A good hire can add a great deal of value to  your organisation

RPO for more savings & better ROI

Alphamotion recruitment process outsourcing is a hassle free method at hiring the talen you need without having to go through thousands of applications and resumes. Our candidates are prescreened and tested as per your requirements. You dont need an HR team to manage your staff, we take care of all your human capital management needs such as recruitment, payroll, compliance, leave management, performance & upskill training, termination & regulatory processes

We provide you with candidates or direct hires much quicker with our existing talent pools and our network of job boards. Based on our past experiences, we can identify candidates faster. We leverage our existing database to get you the right candidate with quick turnaround times.

Get the flexibility your business needs with temp & contract hiring. You can increase your headcount during forecasted spikes or reduce your headcount during the slow periods. You can also scale up certain departments while you scale down others depending on fluctuations in operational requirements. We also help you balance attrition in various teams with quick hirings.

We conduct various relevant tests as per your requirements prior to presenting the candidate to your internal hiring or operational teams. The array of tests can range from communication, aptitude, skill tests or process specific tests for the team the candidate is expected to join. These are done transparently and the results are shared online. Our internal HR assessors gauge how good a fit the candidate is to your organization

We help train potential candidates based on your operational requirements. Entry level training and process related training is conducted online by skilled tutors on either a one – one basis or in group sessions. We perform those same functions which are expected of your own inhouse teams to ensure that there is consistency in our efforts.

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