With thousands of new ventures being launched every week, we sadly see less than 10 percent of these startups reach their first year of maturity. The mission of our startup support services is to ensure that the innovative minds of the world are not restricted by financial constraints or a lack of resources to make their business ventures successful. With industry experts managing customer accounts, we are able to achieve lower prices while maintaining a higher quality level of deliverables. With Services from the start of the value chain till the point of customer satisfaction, we can effectively save time by being able to execute all operational tasks from procurement to online brand development to final sales and after sales services.

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Business Formation
Resource Management
Compliance & Taxation
Business Formation

Starting Something New?

India has been in the top ranks of countries where a majority of the market was operated by unregulated or unregistered companies that undertook commercial operations. This was mainly due to the difficulties in registration & maintenance of the business entity. The Government of India has taken a number of measures to support businesses making taxation more transparent and unified along with ease of compliance & statutory procedures whilst starting a new venture.


Benefits of registering a business entity


Path to entrepreneurship | Choice of Business Entity | Liability Protection* | Opening Bank Accounts | External Funding | Meeting Buyer/Ecommerce Criteria | Access to Government funds | Apply for Tenders | Easy Compliance | Reach out to Billions of Customers | Tax Deductions on Professional Expenditure


A place the business will call home!

Rents are often the greatest inhibiting factor when establishing a new venture. You often sell yourself short due to tight budgets or end up with greater liabilities when instead you are hoping to make more money. We work with startups to ensure that they get the right seats with the right equipment in prime locations around the country at the lowest prices. We work with various partners around the country to help entrepreneurs find the perfect rental space for their business needs.


Save More with Premium Co-Working Spaces


Our focus on shared services is primarily due to the ease in which one can start working there and not have to bother about any maintenance or manpower. You can get seats at as low as Rs 10,000 per seat, in prime business areas.


Spacious Work Area | Access to Cabins & Meeting Rooms | Daily Cleaning Services | High Speed Internet | Refreshments as per Brand & Plan Chosen | Time Flexible Rental Options | Beautiful Interior Design* | No Additional Maintenance & Electricity Charges | 24 x 7 Work spaces* | Segregated Team Workplaces

Resource Management

The people & the philosophy

Once you have set yourself up with the first two components, you can work towards building the optimal team for your business. For this you would need specific skill sets and personality types for each activity. Often there are skills that are utilized for under 100 hrs a month and taking on such resources full time leads to greater wastages and added infrastructure costs. We help you minimize your resource requirements and balance operational costs via remote teams or outsourcing. Our hiring services utilize cutting edge assessments & tests to gauge compatibility with open positions prior to introducing candidates to your recruitment team.



FTE: We have industry based recruiters who we can engage for highly specific resource needs. Once we receive the job descriptions, our team identifies the right recruiter and coordinates with them in order to supply you with a suitable candidate. We offer highly discounted recruitment services for startups & entrepreneurs for white and blue collar services.


Part Time: Part Time or Shared Resources help a business manage operations & costs better. Once the quantum of work activity is defined, we can help you with resources that operate within your organization. We work on both a vendor model where we supply you the manpower and the resources are on our rolls or where we charge you for every placement as per our placement terms.


Outsourced: This is the most cost effective operations model so as long as the coordination and communication between all the teams and stakeholders is flawless. We provide a centralized management platform for all your resource outsourcing needs such as designers, developers, content writers and skilled resources with us taking care of all the aspects of vendor management for you


Setting up Shop!

We can provide you with great deals on equipment purchases and rentals in Mumbai. We have established a uniform pricing model which is assessed by our management team to ensure that each product offer made by a vendor is priced as reasonably as possible. We are open on negotiating on your behalf for the procurement or leasing of equipment.

Compliance & Taxation

Tax Management & Profits

Taxation is an integral part of our governments earnings and they will do everything in order to derive as much from the populace as possible. With the right accountant and the right structure to your business, you can save large sums otherwise lost to the tax system. The planning of which must begin with the first steps of inception. For GST or other company tax compliances, we have auditors, CA's, accountants & field resources that have extensive experience with startups as well as large and established entities. This helps us weed out the trial and error stage which startups are very likely to go through


Virtual CFO for Compliance Management, Taxes & Auditing

How we help

From Conception to delivery

Analysis – We run an indept analysis of the potential factors related to your industry and niche. For this we gather intelligence on your product/service and all the potential benefits and its value proposition. We gauge the markets, current trends, competition and favorable tides for launch. We dive deep into the world of your target customer’s psychology to understand their preferences & interests better. We locate them on various online platforms and deliver very specific content designed to engage these target audiences better.

Registrations – The registration process for your business is far from simple and is even considered a barrier to launch. We help you with all the relevant tax, licensing, regulatory & certifying bodies in the state or city of your choice in order to get your business up and running legally and officially. There are various benefits from registering a startup in India and we aid in the application of startup status with the government of India.

Launch – We use a multi-channel approach to launch your business into orbit. For products or services, marketplaces are a great and cost effective way to start but requires a greater deal of attention and inputs as compared to a website who’s base remains the same, just the content keeps getting updated as per the offering. Social is also a good channel to promote your launch using the various content types such as Infographics & videos. Affiliate marketing is also a great way to launch your brand by getting like minded people or platforms to host and share your products or services.

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