End to End Business Solutions

Get complete business solutions for all your needs. Right from concept to delivery, we help you through the entire branding process. We have affordable & tailor made solutions for all situations. Our specialists are always there to help you.
Flexible Payment Options

You can choose to pay for the services over a period of time or in parts whichever works best for your business. You have no fixed costs or monthly overheads

Hassle Free Management

We take care of most of the management headaches for you. You can dedicate from time to your brand and let us do the legwork

End to End Solutions

Get Solutions at your doorstep for marketing, operations, strategy & implementation with all the manpower & resources you need to grow

No Fixed Overheads

Pay as needed & we also bring down the cost for you by atleast 30%**. Activate resources only when needed. No Fixed Monthly Expenses.

Marketing Solutions

We provide you with multiple ways suitable to your budget to get your products out in from on the right customers. We use a multi channel approach where we cover each platform that is relevant to your offering. We not only do it for you, we also help train your internal teams in marketing strategy & execution which will enable them to operate autonomously and more efficiently in the future.

SEO | SEM | SMM | PPC | Google | Email & SMS | Affiliate | Content | Print Media


A website is the focal contact point between your company & your customers. They rely more on your website than the number of times they would call in for help. In this situation, do you have a site that your users are happy about? We build websites based on customer flows and the kind of interactions they would have with your site. All our content is delivered optimized & ready for action. We build Ecommerce, Brand (B2B or B2C) or custom websites within the least amount of time & at special rates for startups.

Operations Management


Operations is the heart of your business and we help keep it healthy and working efficiently. We help you right from Strategy & Implementation to Auditing & Retraining. With the effective use of automation & intelligent tools, we can help reduce the burden on teams and managers. This also allows us to be able to maintain a level of performance outside business hours.

Operations | Flows | Automation | Support Systems | Analytics | Quality | Training


Starting a business is only challenging if you are not working with a comprehensive startup partner. We help you get your idea off the ground by bringing it within a framework of legality & compliance. We also build & train your team along with setting up of processes to efficiently manage manpower costs, infrastructure & available resources including cash expenditures. We can provide you with an upto 30%* reduction in operational costs** We combine the expertise of the entire management life cycle of a brand right from concept & thought to reality & revenue generation.

Formation | Finance | Accounts | Compliance | Operations | Supply Chain | Customer Management | Ecommerce | Documentation | Training & Skills

Business Process Management

BPM is a process centric approach for the improvement of business performance that combines Information Technology with business governance methodologies. In order to understand business processes, you need to break down the structure of a process. It is the standardized way to convert a set of inputs into a desired output that a customer would find valuable. In this chain, the output could go directly to an external customer or move ahead to an internal customer for further processing leading to an addition of value in the process chain. BPM is based on 3 pillars namely People, Processes & Technology. We leverage all these aspects to optimize your process to reduce costs, improve efficiency and increase quality outputs.

Design Phase - Processes are carefully designed to be as simple & straightforward as possible so that it can be completed in the shortest amount of time without making mistakes.

Activity Model - Simulate the behavior of the system and try out different scenarios through the ‘What If’ approach

Execution - Deployment for the project team to monitor the process to ensure that all necessary changes are incorporated. Optimisation takes place at this stage on the designed process

BPM contributes to lower transaction costs, increased customer satisfaction & reducing lead times. It ensures better definitions of duties and roles of the employees of the company. It is also a good tool for fraud prevention, auditing and assessment of regulatory compliance.


The first rule of any technology is that automation applied to an efficient operation will magnify the efficiency & the second rule is that automation applied to an inefficient operation will magnify the inefficiency - Bill Gates

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