Unlocking Growth: Strategies from Industry Experts to Scale Your Company

If you’ve ever marveled at the seamless growth orchestrated by successful investors, this month’s episodes of the Private Equity Value Creation podcast are a must-listen. Dive into insights from industry experts as they unveil alternative investment approaches, sales tactics applicable today, and much more. Here’s a preview of what awaits you:

1. 6 Needle Movers for Organic Growth with AJ Gandhi of Marlin Equity Partners

Discover the fundamental sales and marketing structures that form the bedrock of scalable success. Often overlooked, these structures hold immense potential for sustainable growth. AJ Gandhi from Marlin Equity Partners shares invaluable insights on leveraging upselling, demand generation, and pricing changes to propel your company into a realm of continuous expansion.

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2. How to Use ICPs and Segmentation as a Foundation for Scale with Vinny Prajka of JMI Equity

Join Vinny Prajka of JMI Equity to explore how portfolio companies can enhance efficiency and achieve sustainable growth through a focused sales approach. Learn the art of utilizing Ideal Customer Profiles (ICPs) and segmentation to target sales efforts strategically. This episode unveils tactics to reduce churn, increase average sales prices, and lay the groundwork for scalable success.

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3. How to Build Sustainable Growth with a Longer Term Investment Approach with George Rossolatos of CBGF

George Rossolatos of CBGF sheds light on how longer holding periods can serve as the cornerstone for sustained, profitable growth. Uncover insights into crafting investments that yield better returns for both founders and investors. Plus, gain valuable perspectives on how founders should evaluate potential investors to forge the right partnerships for long-term success.

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4. How to Increase Sales Efficiency with Data and Strategy with Matt Gallagher of Hg Capital

Matt Gallagher of Hg Capital guides you through the significance of marketing due diligence as the foundation for scalable growth. Explore the metrics crucial for assessing performance and potential. Delve into common areas of inefficiency in portfolio companies and glean strategies to address them effectively.

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5. 5 Pillars of Value Creation for Minority Investors with Allen Duan of B Capital Group

Learn from Allen Duan of B Capital Group as he unveils the five pillars of value creation for minority investors. Discover how to guide companies towards growth through strategic focus on team and organization, capital advisory, strategy and operations, business development, ecosystem development, and community knowledge sharing.

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Embark on a journey of strategic insights, tactical wisdom, and real-world experiences as industry experts share their playbook for scaling companies. Whether you’re an investor, a founder, or an aspiring business leader, these episodes provide a roadmap for unlocking growth and building a foundation for lasting success. Don’t miss out – tune in now to the Private Equity Value Creation podcast and elevate your understanding of the strategies that drive scalable and sustainable growth.